Israel-To-Egypt Gas Awaits Leviathan

Israeli firm Delek only expects regular gas sales from Israel to Egypt via the offshore EMG pipeline to begin at the end of this year, or early next, when output begins from the 22tcf offshore Leviathan field.

Delek and US partner Noble signed a deal in February last year with private Egyptian firm Dolphinus to supply 350mn cfd of gas from Tamar, depending on any spare volumes, and 350mn cfd from Leviathan once the field starts-up ( MEES, 23 February 2018 ).

In theory gas from Tamar is supposed to start flowing by the end of June ( MEES, 5 April ). But with “very little to no spare gas from Tamar left available for export” only “test flows” are now planned “by the end of Q2,” a Delek source tells MEES, adding that “material gas flows will start once Leviathan begins producing at the end of this year or beginning of next year.” (CONTINUED - 226 WORDS)