China Mena Imports At Near Record-Levels In Q1 Despite Qatar March Slump

*China imported a first quarter record 14.986mn tons in 1Q 2019, as year-on-year demand continues to surge – by 2.555mn tons in this instance. But the 2.986mn tons supplied from the Mena region fell just shy of 1Q 2018’s record 3.044mn tons, dropping its share from 24.5% to 19.9%.

*1Q 2018’s regional record was in large part due to a record 2.918mn tons of LNG from Qatar, with Oman supplying the remaining 126,000 tons. This year, Q1 saw records from both Oman (323,000 tons) and Egypt (128,000 tons), as well as 2.534mn tons from Qatar.

*Qatar experienced mixed fortunes in Q1, as a record 1.399mn tons in January swung to a 21-month low of 432,000 tons in March ( MEES, 1 March ). (CONTINUED - 276 WORDS)


chart China LNG Imports Continue Record Highs In 2019 (Mn Tons)
table China 1Q19 LNG Imports: Qatar Volumes In March Fall To 21-Month Low 0.43mn Tons Following January Record