Sonatrach Goes West

Algerian state firm Sonatrach, which without fail drills dozens of exploration wells a year, often with little regard to potential commercialization, is pressing on despite the instability that continues to wrack both the country and its own management ( MEES, 26 April ).

The firm on 22 May announced its eighth “discovery” this year. “For the first time in the history of exploration Sonatrach has notched up a drilling success in the Tindouf basin. An exceptional result which opens up new opportunities,” Sonatrach says, describing the ERTA-1 discovery as gas-condensate from a conventional reservoir but without disclosing further details.

Such opportunities may be a long time coming given that Tindouf is over 500km from the nearest producing gas field, Reggane, which entered service at the end of 2017. (CONTINUED - 123 WORDS)