Turkey: Record LNG Imports, Bumper Iran Volumes

Turkey imported record monthly volumes of LNG in January, with the month’s 2.34bcm (regasified – around 1.7mn tons of LNG or 26 cargoes) accounting for a record 40.3% of Turkey’s overall gas imports. Records included from the USA (0.46bcm of gas, five cargoes of LNG) and Algeria (0.70bcm, eight cargoes).

While Turkey is tapping a growing list of LNG suppliers, the country’s top three overall gas suppliers remain those linked to the country by pipeline: Russia (23.6bcm for 2018, 47% of the total), Iran (7.9bcm and 16%) and Azerbaijan (7.5bcm) ( MEES, 1 March ).

However Russia’s market share of just 31.6% for January is the lowest monthly figure in MEES data stretching back to 2005; the 4Q 2018 figure of 41.2% was the lowest quarterly figure. (CONTINUED - 318 WORDS)


chart Turkey Gas Imports From Iran (Bcm)