Saudi Goes West With Gas-To-Power Expansion

Saudi Arabia has almost eliminated liquids burning from the power sector in Eastern Province. The recently-completed expansion of the country’s gas pipeline network is spreading the gains. Next up is the completion of the Fadhili processing plant to ensure more gas reaches the west coast.

With Saudi Arabia’s oil burn averaging nearly 820,000 b/d over the first two months of 2019, the kingdom still has considerable work left in its efforts to significantly curtail volumes. 2018 saw a rare fall in crude and fuel oil use in power generation, but early 2019 has seen volumes creep up again to record early-year highs ( MEES, 19 April ).

Electricity demand is now approaching the peak summer season placing more pressure on Saudi Aramco to supply feedstock: peak load typically begins to rise sharply in April. Overall, Saudi Arabia has succeeded in curbing peak load with the record remaining 2015’s 62.26 GW.

But while peak load fell sharply to 60.83GW in 2016, it rose back to 62.12GW in 2017, highlighting the government’s struggles to curb power demand amid a rapidly growing population. (CONTINUED - 832 WORDS)


chart Saudi Powergen: Gas At Record Highs Both Overall And As A Percentage Of The Total (TRN Btu)
chart Saudi 2017 Power Fuel Consumption By Region (Trillion Btu)