Egypt-focused independent SDX announced on 8 April the likely delay of start-up of its 50mn cfd South Disouq gas field in the onshore Nile Delta, after initially expecting first output by the middle of the current year (MEES, 5 April). SDX’s development plan envisaged the leasing of an Early Production Facility (EPF), to process the field’s gas ahead of the start-up of the central gas processing facility. “At present, the final commercial terms of the EPF have yet to be agreed. If ultimately an EPF is not secured, the start-up date for gas production will be delayed until the completion of the main Central Gas Processing Facility, currently expected in Q4 2019,” SDX says.

The firm’s CEO, Paul Welch, described the “potential delay to Q4” as “disappointing.” The firm, whose other upstream assets are in Morocco, is also in the final stages of relocating its headquarters from Alberta in Canada to London. It awaits shareholder approval for the move, with an annual and special meeting scheduled for 17 May in London. (CONTINUED - 170 WORDS)