Iraq: Mission Impossible

Improved electricity provision is a national security necessity for Iraq, but amid political instability and a bureaucratic quagmire even sticking-plaster measures designed to ease pressure for the upcoming summer may prove too little too late.

Energy Minister Luay al-Khatteeb told MEES last month that whilst “there are no magic tricks or wonders that will bring radical solutions for summer 2019,” the ministry is still targeting a 15% increase in available powergen capacity – 7% to offset demand increases and 8% to bridge the supply gap ( MEES, 15 February ).

Foreign firms GE and Siemens are key to the effort. Both have provided Iraq’s electricity ministry with comprehensive ‘road maps’ to completely overhaul the ailing sector ( MEES, 26 October 2018 ), including short-term emergency solutions to beef up available capacity before summer. (CONTINUED - 327 WORDS)