Crackers In The Gulf: GCC Refiners Advance Mixed-Feed Projects

Mixed-feed crackers produce high value chemicals not available from ethane cracking. Oman, UAE and Kuwait are following Aramco’s lead.

Refiners across the GCC plan petchems plants based around mixed-feed crackers, as part of a growing global oil industry trend for squeezing the maximum value from produced resources.

For GCC downstream firms specialty chemicals offer increased revenues while supporting government plans for economic diversification through expanding local manufacturing capabilities. Their domestic downstream plans are also complemented by a push for overseas projects, particularly in countries that are big customers for their crude oil ( MEES, 3 August 2018 ).

Although Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait already have significant ethane cracking capacity, producing ethylene as a feedstock for a range of commodity plastics and chemicals, Saudi Aramco’s development of the GCC’s first mixed feed cracker marked a change in GCC petchems thinking. (CONTINUED - 897 WORDS)


table GCC Refiners' Mixed-Feed Crackers & Aromatics Units