Kuwait has extended its lease of the 725mn cfd Golar Igloo FSRU for 2019 to continue LNG imports, US firm Golar confirmed this week. The announcement coincided with the return of the vessel to its mooring at Kuwait’s Mina al-Ahmadi port on 24 February. Shortly afterwards, Qatar’s 216,000 m³ Al Sahla LNG tanker docked alongside it on 26 February, carrying Kuwait’s first LNG supplies of the year. Al Sahla had not unloaded by the time MEES went to press, so no imports will be registered for February. Final figures are not yet out, but imports last year will have exceeded 2017’s record 3.51mn tons (MEES, 21 September 2018). Kuwait did at least reduce liquids burn in its power plants last year, from 179,000 b/d to 166,000 b/d.