QP Triple Boost

Qatar Petroleum’s Cyprus drilling success with Exxon ( MEES, 8 February ) was only the latest of three major international successes over the past week – four if you count the football.

Qatar Petroleum’s international activities were put on the backburner amid institutional reshuffling from 2014 ( MEES, 30 January 2015 ). But the state firm stepped up activities in 2017 and the number of deals reached a crescendo last year ( MEES, 21 December 2018 ). Qatar is now reaping the benefits, reaching FID on the key US Golden Pass LNG export terminal this week ( MEES, 8 February ) and notching up its first ever overseas discoveries. QP and Total announced the “significant” gas/condensate Brulpadda discovery offshore South Africa (Total 45%op, QP 25%, CNR 20%, Main Street 10%) on 7 February. This is QP’s first confirmed overseas discovery and the partners plan 3D seismic this year followed by four exploration wells. (CONTINUED - 136 WORDS)