Qatar Petroleum’s Cyprus drilling success with Exxon (MEES, 8 February) was only the latest of three major international successes over the past week – four if you count the football.

Qatar Petroleum’s international activities were put on the backburner amid institutional reshuffling from 2014 (MEES, 30 January 2015). But the state firm stepped up activities in 2017 and the number of deals reached a crescendo last year (MEES, 21 December 2018). Qatar is now reaping the benefits, reaching FID on the key US Golden Pass LNG export terminal this week (MEES, 8 February) and notching up its first ever overseas discoveries. QP and Total announced the “significant” gas/condensate Brulpadda discovery offshore South Africa (Total 45%op, QP 25%, CNR 20%, Main Street 10%) on 7 February. This is QP’s first confirmed overseas discovery and the partners plan 3D seismic this year followed by four exploration wells. (CONTINUED - 136 WORDS)