Saudi Renewables Plan: More Answers, More Questions

The Saudi Energy Ministry this week outlined plans for over 35 renewable energy parks with almost 60GW of capacity across the kingdom by 2030. The scale is eye-catching, nearly equivalent to current peak load.

The Renewable Energy Project Development Office (Repdo) of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Energy has provided further details on its massive 2030 renewables development plan. But plans to construct 60GW renewables by 2030 seem to contradict plans to increase the share of gas-fired powergen from 50% to 70% over the same period.

Given that 60GW is effectively equivalent to 2018’s peak electricity demand, the scale of the renewables plan would imply that renewables would be responsible for most power generation by 2030. Either that or the government has decided to completely abandon its efforts to curtail rampant demand growth. That would be an odd decision given that green energy still costs money to generate. (CONTINUED - 1266 WORDS)


chart Saudi Renewables Targets (Gw)
table Saudi Arabia's 2019 Renewables Tenders