Australia Challenges Qatar For Taiwan LNG Top Spot: Just The Prelude?

December import figures for No 4 global LNG importer India and No 5 Taiwan confirm the top five global buyers, all in Asia, imported a record 220.2mn tons of the super-cooled fuel in 2018.

India took slightly less in December than previously indicated for a 2018 total of 22.3mn tons, up 19.4% on 2017’s previous record. But Taiwan had a bumper December, with its 2018 total of 16.9mn tons, up slightly on 2017’s previous high. Coupled with monthly record imports from China and Korea, December saw the highest ever monthly LNG trade volumes (see chart, MEES, 22 February ).

In Taiwan, Qatar remained well ahead for 2018 as a whole, a seemingly-comfortable 2.1mn tons ahead of number two Malaysia with Australia a further 230,000mn tons behind in third place (see data, MEES, 22 February ). That said Qatar’s 4.89mn tons for 2018 was down almost 8% on 2017 and the lowest annual figure since 2011. Qatar’s 29% market share for 2018 was the lowest since 2010. (CONTINUED - 1034 WORDS)


chart Taiwan 2018 LNG Imports (Mn T, Top 5): Qatar Sees Volumes Slump. Still Well Ahead For 2018...
chart ...But Qatar Was Overtaken As Surging Aussie Volumes Soared Past Qatar In Q4
chart India LNG Imports (Mn T): Volumes From Top Supplier Qatar Have Been Steady At Around 10mn T/Y In Recent Years...
chart ...But Rising Overall Imports Mean Qatar's Market Share Fell Below 50% For The First Time Ever In 2018 With The Us The Biggest Gainer (% Of Total Imports)