Lebanon’s ‘New’ Government Set For Uphill Battle

After eight months of horse-trading, the party bosses have finally formed a cabinet. MEES surveys the country’s challenges as the new government looks to avoid crisis.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced 31 January that, after countless failed negotiations, Lebanon has finally solved the political jigsaw puzzle, reaching a compromise whereupon all major political factions will participate in a 30-person ‘national unity’ cabinet.

“We have economic, financial, social, administrative and service-related challenges, in addition to the known conditions in the region and Israeli threats on the border. This means cooperation among the Cabinet members is an essential condition to meet challenges and for the government to succeed in overcoming this phase,” Mr Hariri says.

The cabinet is Lebanon’s all-important political institution, having absorbed many of the former presidential powers as part of the post-civil war Taif settlement in 1989. (CONTINUED - 956 WORDS)


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