Saudi Awards Key Desalination Plant

Saudi state utility Water & Electricity Company (WEC) has awarded Riyadh-based private power and water developer Acwa Power a contract to build the Rabigh 3 independent water producer (IWP) plant, with capacity to deliver 600,000 m3/d of desalinated water.

WEC signed a water purchase agreement with Acwa in late December, which calls for Acwa to build, own and operate the plant for 25 years from the beginning of commercial operation, which is scheduled for 31 December 2021.

Acwa says the plant will deliver desalinated water to WEC at a cost of $0.53/m3, the lowest tariff offered among five bidders. The plant will incorporate reverse osmosis technology, the most energy efficient of desalination processes, requiring 2.5-3.5kWh/m3 or around 70MW to run the plant at full capacity. (CONTINUED - 325 WORDS)