Libya: Sharara Restart Prospects Dim As NOC Demands Overhaul Of Oil Field Security

NOC says damage from latest attacks has degraded output capacity. Though Libya’s 2018 oil revenue hit a 5-year high, prospects for 2019 are rapidly dimming.

Libya’s 330,000 b/d-capacity Sharara fields in the country’s remote southwest may remain shut for some time with the country’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) this week reiterating that it will not sanction re-start until local security arrangements have been overhauled.

NOC and its chairman Mustafa Sanalla have repeatedly accused the ‘Petroleum Facilities Guard’, in effect a rag-tag grouping of ex-militiamen, of colluding in such attacks. “There are around 1,500 security personnel, mandated and tasked with the protection of Libya’s largest oil field, and yet these incidents continue to occur; basic responsibilities are not being fulfilled,” Mr Sanalla says. (CONTINUED - 862 WORDS)


chart Libya Crude Output ('000 B/D): Sharara Shut-In And Port Closures See Output Slump From Recent 5-Year Highs...
chart ...Though 2018 Still Saw The Highest Annual Output Figure Since 2012 ('000 B/D)