King Salman Asserts Authority In Saudi Reshuffle

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman announced a major cabinet reshuffle on 27 December in which a number of critical appointments were made. The reshuffle comes almost four years since King Salman’s original government shakeup in the first months of his reign ( MEES, 1 May 2015 ). It appears to have been intended to bring additional experience into government to help advise Crown Prince Muhammad.

The headline announcement was that Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir was sacked and replaced by former finance minister Ibrahim al-Assaf.

Mr Jubeir was appointed minister of state for foreign affairs, creating the awkward situation of him being a junior minister in the department he formerly headed. He had headed the foreign ministry since April 2015, shortly after King Salman ascended to the throne, when he replaced the 40-year veteran Prince Saud al Faisal. (CONTINUED - 280 WORDS)