Kuwait oil minister Bakhit al-Rashidi says he expects deals over oil fields shared with its two larger neighbors to be reached in the near future. With Saudi Arabia, this involves the resumption of production from the Neutral Zone, fully shut-in since May 2015. Kuwaiti oil ministers have for three years talked of progress here, with no concrete development. But there are emerging signs of a potential breakthrough with the offshore Khafji field (MEES, 6 July).

With Iraq, Mr Rashidi targets an agreement over joint development of transboundary oil fields. The neighbors reached a preliminary deal as long ago as 2010 that was never finalized. An agreement over Kuwait buying Iraqi gas is also planned, but the parties have so far been unable to agree on pricing (MEES, 19 January). KPC chief Nizar al-Adsani said in April that pricing talks are “a work in progress.” Furthermore, construction of a new gas pipeline is required. (CONTINUED - 149 WORDS)