Sonatrach: Can Shake-Up Haul Lumbering Behemoth Into The 21st Century?

Sonatrach president Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour has been quietly carrying out a major restructuring of the firm’s management, including the creation of several new divisions and a change of personnel in other key posts.

The changes include the creation of three new vice-president positions: VP finance, to which executive finance director Mohamed Karoubi is promoted; VP business and development, taken on by Sonatrach’s strategy programme manager Fethi Arabi; and VP marketing, filled by Ahmed Mazighi in a promotion from his role as marketing analysis and planning director. Taam Nourredine replaces Omar Maaliou as marketing director.

The creation of new VPs is a reversal from the last major round of changes to Sonatrach’s senior management structure, in October 2015, in which the VP marketing and VP pipeline transportation positions were scrapped, leaving VPs at only the upstream and downstream divisions. But the 2015 creation of directorates for business development and R&D paved the way for Mr Ould Kaddour’s latest moves. (CONTINUED - 1060 WORDS)