UAE Delays, Jordan Rethink Blur Mena Nuclear Vision

The UAE’s flagship nuclear plant will be three years late and Jordan has dramatically scaled back its plans. Needling Trump is the aim of Iran’s nuclear plans.

Nawah Energy, the company formed by state nuclear company Enec and Korean contractor Kepco to operate Abu Dhabi’s four under-construction nuclear reactors, has announced that fuel rods for the first of the plants will be loaded into the reactor in early 2020.

This means that the first electricity from the Barakah-1 unit will not hit the grid until later in 2020 at the earliest – over three years after the May 2017 announcement of the completion of construction.

Enec originally scheduled the four 1.4GW reactors at Barakah, on the coast 50km west of Ruwais, to come online one per year over 2017-20. Licencing and training hold-ups are among the reasons given for the retarded start-up schedule ( MEES, 13 April ). (CONTINUED - 851 WORDS)


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