Israeli Gas Exports To Jordan Remain Contentious

Israel’s Leviathan gas project is more than 50% complete and set for start-up by end-2019. Jordan state power firm Nepco is the anchor customer, slated to take 45bcm of gas over 15 years (an implied 290mn cfd) from project start-up.

The firms developing the 22tcf field – Noble Energy of the US (39.66% and operator), and Israel’s Delek (45.34%) and Ratio (15%) – say the Jordan deal is set in stone.

But heightened anti-government unrest in Jordan (see main story), could easily lead to a resurgence of opposition to Israeli gas. Many Jordanians expressed their disapproval when the deal was originally signed ( MEES, 19 January ).

In April, plans to build the pipeline on the Jordanian side of the border took a blow as the country’s construction contractors association said it would not compete for government-launched construction tenders. Jordan does import gas from Israel, although minimal amounts, 1.9bcm over 15 years, from the Tamar gas field, to the Arab Potash plant on the Dead Sea. (CONTINUED - 194 WORDS)