Tunisia Looks To The Sun To Cut Dependence On Algerian Gas

Tunisia relies on gas for over 90% of its power needs. But dwindling domestic output has left it ever more reliant on Algeria. With domestic gas output set to get worse before it gets better the country is looking to the sun to ease its soaring import bill.

Tunisia has awarded the first elements of ambitious plans to develop over 1GW of renewables capacity by 2020.

Renewables provided just 3% of Tunisia’s power output for 2016. The country’s ‘renewables action plan,’ published in March, would see this share soar to 12% in 2020 and 30% by 2030 by when Tunis is targeting a combined 4.7GW of solar and wind capacity.


Hitting 30% by 2030 “is ambitious but possible, bearing in mind international experience, including in similar countries such as Morocco, Jordan or Egypt” the plan says.

Financing will be a key element given that Tunisia estimates that hitting the 2030 target will cost “more than €4.8bn [$5.6bn]” for solar alone. (CONTINUED - 1151 WORDS)


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