Qatar Plans For 2019 Drilling To Fuel Massive LNG Expansion

QP aims to drill the first wells for its major gas expansion plan next year, with the first new LNG volumes starting by end-2023. The expansion could entail the drilling of more than 50 new wells as Doha seeks to capitalize on an expected market tightening.

Qatar Petroleum (QP) awarded US contractor McDermott a “Detailed Design” contract for offshore jackets on 5 May as it presses ahead with its major LNG expansion plan. After ending its 12-year moratorium on North Field gas development in April 2017, Qatar swiftly doubled its expansion plan and intends to add 4.6bn cfd ( MEES, 7 July 2017 ).

The new volumes will supply three new 7.8mn t/y LNG trains, increasing Qatari liquefaction capacity from 77mn t/y to 100mn t/y. QP says first LNG output from the first new train will begin “by the end of 2023,” still in line with its initial prognosis ( MEES, 8 December 2017 ). It is also considering a fourth train later on. If it follows through with this, capacity will rise to almost 110mn t/y. (CONTINUED - 1382 WORDS)


table Qatargas Lng Liquefaction Capacity (14 Trains, 77.4mn T/Y Capacity)
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