Saudi Arabia Awards 300MW Sakaka PV, At Record Low Pricing

Saudi has joined the GCC’s spree of record low solar PV pricing. But doubters will be waiting to see if aggressive price per kilowatt-hour pledges can be achieved.

The Renewable Energy Project Development Office (Repdo) of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Energy has awarded the first solar project under its National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) to Saudi private energy developer Acwa Power.

Acwa offered a price of US¢2.34/kWh for the 300MW Sakaka solar photovoltaic (PV) plant, which is to be built on a 6km2 site in the northern Al-Jawf region of Saudi Arabia (see charts). This will be a record for an awarded solar PV plant, but it was not the lowest bid received by Repdo in the tender.

The lowest bid was submitted by a consortium of the UAE’s Masdar and France’s EDF, which offered a levelized cost of electricity from the project of US¢1.79/kWh. Prices offered by the eight bidders range from the Masdar/EDF low to US¢3.27/kWh ( MEES, 6 October 2017 ). (CONTINUED - 833 WORDS)


chart Falling Costs For Solar PV (Us¢/Kwh)
table Gulf Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants And Projects