UAE Cuts Aluminium Power Use

UAE sovereign wealth funds Mubadala of Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s Dubal Holding, equal partners in Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) which operates aluminum smelters in both emirates, are setting up a JV to build a new power plant at EGA’s Jebel Ali site.

EGA operates an off-grid power plant at Jebel Ali with 23 gas turbines and seven steam turbines with a total generating capacity of 2.35GW. Mubadala and Dubal have contracted Siemens to build a new 665GW combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant at the site, which will replace older, less efficient capacity.

Siemens says the Class H gas turbine that will be installed (the same as those at 14.4GW of recently completed capacity in Egypt – MEES, 21 December ) is ultra-efficient achieving thermal efficiency of 61% in combined cycle mode. Coupled to a heat recovery steam generator this means a 665GW plant would burn 90mn cfd of gas when running at full capacity. Replacing old plants, whose efficiency could be as low as 33%, could hence save as much as 75mn cfd. Such savings are attractive for gas importers like the UAE: the emirates’ gas deficit for 2017 was 11.8bcm (1.14bn cfd). This was met with 1.58bn cfd of imports from Qatar through the Dolphin pipeline and 300mn cfd of LNG imports to Dubai. (CONTINUED - 211 WORDS)