Germany’s Siemens this week completed work on the last two of eight massive 500-kV substations which form an integral part of what the company calls its “Egypt Megaproject” to supply the country with an additional 14.4GW of powergen capacity. Three world-beating 4.8GW CCGT plants at Beni Suef on the Nile 100km south of Cairo, the ‘New Capital’ district east of Cairo, and at Burullus on the Mediterranean west of Alexandria were completed in July (MEES, 27 July).

The completion of the latest two substations, at Samanoud and Aboul Matameer will facilitate power transmission from the Burullus plant to the grid. A key aim is to enable “reliable power supply to energy-intensive industries” near Alexandria, Siemens says singling out “cement, oil and gas and petrochemical facilities.” (CONTINUED - 154 WORDS)