Masdar Completes Financing Of Waste-Burning Power Plant

Abu Dhabi state renewables firm Masdar and Sharjah’s state waste management firm Bee’ah have completed the financing for the UAE’s first waste-to-energy plant, to be built in Sharjah at an anticipated cost of $220mn. The plant will have 30MW power generating capacity.

The cost of $7.33mn per megawatt of generation capacity is at face value unfeasibly high compared with a conventional combined cycle plant, which would come in at $982,000/MW of capacity, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

However, the plant has greater value to UAE society than simply generating electricity. Masdar says the plant will process more than 37.5 tons/hour (328,500 t/y) of municipal solid waste, which would otherwise be buried in Bee’ah’s landfill site in Sharjah, to generate electricity. (CONTINUED - 299 WORDS)