Morocco Pushing Renewables, Eyes LNG Imports In Bid For Cleaner Power

Morocco is the leading Mena wind generator and is expected to double renewables capacity by 2023. Rabat is tendering for LNG imports, but coal is king for now.

Morocco’s current renewables generation capacity stands at just over 3GW, equivalent to almost half of the country’s current peak load, which reached a record 6.31GW in August according to state power utility ONEE.

Rabat relies on gas imports from Algeria and also oil to fuel some of its conventional power capacity. However, four coal-fired plants with a combined capacity of 2.87GW, equivalent to almost 33% of end-2017 generating capacity of 8.82GW, currently generates around 58% of Morocco’s electricity.

Morocco also imports electricity, mainly via a 27km subsea link from Spain which lands at Mellousa near Tangier. This comprises three cables with combined capacity of 2.1GW. ONEE says that Morocco exchanged 5.75TWh of electricity with Spain in 2017, as well as 149GWh with Algeria. These brought Morocco net imports of 5.33TWh in 2017 or just over 14% of total consumption. (CONTINUED - 795 WORDS)


chart Morocco: Renewable Powergen Capacity (GW)