Egypt’s Petchems Producers Step On The Gas

Egypt’s downstream firms are taking advantage of record gas output (see p2) to advance petchems plans. Sidpec’s new polypropylene plant near Alexandria will use LPG produced from soaring Mediterranean gas output.

Egypt’s Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals (Sidpec) is pressing ahead with a polypropylene project that will take advantage of the increased availability of propane feedstock that has accompanied the 53% rise in Egypt’s gas output over the past two years.

State gas firm Egas saw its output of propane rise by 9.5% to 567,000 tons (19,700 b/d) for the 2016-17 Egyptian financial year, just short of the 10.6% rise in Egypt’s gas output over the same period. Egypt’s gas output rose by a further 19% to average 5.34bn cfd for 2017-18, implying a jump in propane output to over 687,000 t/y. The further leap in gas output to a record 6.6mn cfd for September has almost certainly boosted Egas propane output above 2012-13’s record 710,000 tons, even accounting for the relatively ‘lean’ nature of incremental offshore gas output. (CONTINUED - 869 WORDS)