Of course propane is often lumped together with butane as LPG. But for Egypt, looking at LPG stats can be misleading given that the country is a major importer of butane (‘cooking gas’), whilst exporting propane. And of course LPG comes from two distinct sources: gas processing plants, where output is skewed towards lighter propane; and oil refineries, whose ‘LPG’ is mostly butane.

Whilst propane output is rising with that of gas, Egas butane output fell by 11.3% to 745,000 tons (22,700 b/d) for 2016-17. Refinery LPG output (mostly butane) fell 4% to 15,700 b/d for 2016-17, though it edged up to 16,000 b/d for 2017-18. Egypt’s butane imports rose by 11% to 74,000 b/d for 2017-18, though Cairo will be hoping that efforts to expand the country’s piped natural gas network on the back of record output will make this a high-watermark. (CONTINUED - 141 WORDS)