Syria: Gas Output At 75% Pre-War Levels, Oil Recovery Lags

Syria is emerging from seven years of conflict toward a long and difficult reconstruction effort. MEES assesses the state of Syria’s oil and gas sector at this critical juncture.

With immense human tragedy continuously on display in Syria for the better part of the last decade, the relevance of the country’s hydrocarbons sector – short of the occasional conspiracy theory – has fallen by the wayside. Even today, with combat at a lull, power politics and military strategy remain the primary concern of analysts and policymakers alike.

The conflict likely has at least one more act to play out. A tepid Russia-Turkey brokered ceasefire is the only thing preventing an arguably inevitable bloodbath in rebel-held Idlib, and though the Islamic State is routed, the US-backed (mostly Kurdish) Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) hold almost all of the territory east of the Euphrates river (see map). (CONTINUED - 1860 WORDS)


chart Syria Gas Output Approaches Pre-War Levels But Oil Remains Stuck Around 100,000 B/D*