Saudi-Bahrain Pipeline Completed

Saudi Aramco and Bahrain’s Bapco this week announced the successful commissioning of a pipeline from Aramco’s Abqaiq oil processing plant to Bahrain’s Sitra refinery, having begun pumping test volumes through the pipeline last week. The 350,000 b/d pipeline replaces an aging 230,000 b/d pipeline running from Dhahran to the refinery.

It will eventually enable Sitra to process up to 360,000 b/d of mainly Saudi and some Bahraini oil, after a modernization and expansion program expands throughput capacity from 267,000 b/d.

However, full throughput will take a while yet. Bapco only awarded the $4.2bn EPCC contract for the long-planned Bapco Modernization Program in late 2017, with contractors anticipating completion in 2022 ( MEES, 8 December 2017 ). (CONTINUED - 113 WORDS)