Egypt’s gasoline imports are rising, even though refiners are holding gasoline production steady. First quarter gasoline net imports averaged 71,000 b/d, the same level recorded for 2016 as a whole. However, Q1 2017 net gasoline imports are almost 40% higher than the 51,000 b/d recorded for Q1 2016, suggesting that 2017 as a whole may prove to be another record year.

In contrast, Egypt’s net diesel imports appear to have settled around the 150,000 b/d mark on an annual basis in 2015-16 after a sharp rise from 2014, and the Q1 2017 net imports of 146,000 b/d are only slightly higher than the 140,000 b/d for Q1 2016. Quarterly data for net diesel imports appeared to have flattened out year-on-year (see charts). (CONTINUED - 702 WORDS)