Riyadh Refinery Shut For Clean Fuels Project Tie-In

Saudi Aramco has announced that its 126,000 b/d capacity Riyadh refinery was shut down on 1 March for 80 days of planned maintenance. This will include the completion of construction work and the tie-in of units installed as part of a clean fuels project.

The upgrade, which will reduce the sulfur content of gasoline and diesel produced in the plant to 10ppm, was undertaken by Korea’s Samsung Engineering. Aramco says it will increase output at other refineries to compensate for the Riyadh outage. Saudi refining capacity is 2.9mn b/d. Run rates averaged 2.5mn b/d in 2016 (84.8% of capacity).

The scope of work included the construction of new isomerization, naphtha-splitting and diesel hydrotreater units, as well as the debottlenecking of the hydrocracker and gas concentration units ( MEES, 1 March 2013 ). (CONTINUED - 168 WORDS)


chart Riyadh Refinery Output 2015 (‘000 B/D)