Muhammad Arkab, chairman and CEO of Algerian state power giant Sonelgaz says that almost 2.4GW of generation capacity will be added to Algeria’s national grid before the summer of 2018 – equivalent to 12.6% of current 19GW capacity. Current plans envisage 13.52GW of capacity additions, he says.

Mr Arkab did not list the power projects to be completed by mid-2018. The likely contributors are not apparent from the long list of projects which have been announced by Sonelgaz in recent years – 26 plants with a combined capacity of 13.7GW were listed by Sonelgaz as scheduled to begin commissioning during 2014-16 (MEES, 6 November 2015). While some of these have been completed and others are progressing, the overall rate of progress has been much slower than anticipated. (CONTINUED - 802 WORDS)