Lebanon Plunged Into Uncertainty As Pm Resigns

Lebanon’s fragile stability was plunged into uncertainty on 4 November when Prime Minister S’ad al-Hariri announced his resignation from Riyadh, citing fears for his life and pointing the finger at Iran and the Iranian backed militia group Hizbollah.

President Michel Aoun will now be tasked to appoint Mr Hariri’s successor but that process is far from simple in a country that is far too often bogged down in sectarian squabbling at the highest level. Mr Aoun was appointed President in October last year after a two-year vacuum.

The Aoun-Hariri alliance was seen as key to bridging the political and religious divide in Lebanon and the President will need to find a Sunni Muslim to replace the outgoing Prime Minister who will be able to lead as Mr Hariri did. (CONTINUED - 273 WORDS)