Algeria Sees Power Demand Soaring; Can It Find The Cash To Boost Capacity?

Latest Algerian power forecasts have demand rising 54% by 2020. Meeting this will be no problem if the company achieves plans to almost double powergen capacity at the same time – but cash may be the big obstacle.

Algerian electricity and gas utility Sonelgaz predicts that the country’s electricity consumption will increase by 53.5% over the medium term, from 64.2TWh (equivalent to a daily average supply rate of 7.33GW) in 2015 to 98.6TWh (equivalent daily average 11.22GW) in 2030.

The company also plans a 96% increase in installed electricity generating capacity, from 17.24GW at end- 2015 to 33.78GW in 2020, an average annual hike of 13.9%, according to Sonelgaz figures given in latest edition of the Algerian energy ministry’s Algérie Energie magazine.

Of Algeria’s current 17.24GW generating capacity, 11.26GW is operated by state electricity generator SPE, while 5.30GW is operated by independent power producers (IPPs) and 680MW is operated by state renewables firm SKTM. (CONTINUED - 759 WORDS)