Peace talks to bring an end to a 14-month period of fighting in Yemen faltered in early May before an 8 May agreement on prisoner exchange brought a glimmer of hope to the fragile process. The talks, which began in Kuwait on 18 April, were suspended on 7 May due to complaints from both sides. The Yemeni government claimed it was frustrated at the lack of progress, while the Houthi opposition protested air attacks in Nehm province by a Saudi-led coalition supporting the official administration, reported to have killed seven people.

The Yemeni government confirmed the strikes, claiming they were targeting Houthi forces amassing in breach of the ceasefire. At least a dozen people, including five medics, were also killed in Saudi airstrikes on Qarn al-Damam in Harf Sufyan, Amran province, and there were artillery and rocket attacks on the Mabda'a and Bani Bareq areas in Nehm, according to security officials speaking on 10 May. The previous day, Saudi air defenses intercepted a ballistic missile fired from Yemen, reported AFP. (CONTINUED - 2752 WORDS)