More Aid For Jordan, Lebanon And Tunisia

Lebanon and Jordan were this week promised new loans totaling $573mn to help them cope with the cost of hosting Syrian refugees who have fled their country since the start of the civil war in 2011.

Lebanon has signed five loan agreements for $373mn with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to finance a number of projects which will support the government’s efforts in looking after some 1.5mn Syrian refugees. Additionally the World Bank has approved a $100mn loan to provide educational programs and facilities for both Lebanese citizens and Syrian refugees.

Jordan also, which is hosting some 1.3mn Syrian refugees (MEES, 25 March), will receive an interest-free loan of $100mn from the World Bank to provide jobs opportunities to Jordanians and Syrians, as part of a larger package of assistance to help Jordan cope with the refugee crisis. It also expects to receive further concessional loans of $250mn from the World Bank to help in caring for these refugees, as well as $300-400mn pledged for Jordan at the February London donor conference for Syrian refugees. (CONTINUED - 352 WORDS)