In Salah: Workers Withdrawn; And Longer Term?

The two foreign operators of the In Salah gas development, the UK’s BP and Norway’s Statoil, have announced the planned withdrawal of their staff from the site after a terrorist attack on one of the facilities on the project in Krechba, 750 miles south of Algiers (MEES, 18 March).

The two companies will also withdraw their employees from their other main operation in Algeria, In Amenas, which itself was hit by a terrorist attack in January 2013 in which 40 workers were killed (MEES, 18 January 2013).

In Salah is one of the largest dry gas joint ventures in the country, with nameplate capacity of 9 bcm/year. The site was hit by three rocket-propelled grenades on 18 March. There were no casualties in the attack, and the facility was not damaged, but the central processing facility was shut down “as a safety precaution,” according to a statement by BP. Production has now resumed, according to a Statoil spokesman. Current production from In Salah is 690mn cfd (7.1 bcm/year), and that from In Amenas “more than” 475mn cfd (4.9 bcm/year), according to a statement by Sonatrach. (CONTINUED - 524 WORDS)