The resolution of Libya’s political and economic disarray remains uncertain, as stuttering attempts to form a national government are made against a background of ongoing disputes over the marketing of oil and confusion overseas about whether or not to intervene against Islamic State (IS).

Several positive steps have been made towards the creation of a Government of National Accord (GNA), which foreign parties expect to pave the way for some kind of coordinated intervention against IS. After almost a year of UN-sponsored peace talks, a deal to form a new administration was reached on 17 December (MEES, 18 December 2015). A nine-member presidential council has been formed in accordance with the deal (MEES, 22 January), and in late January, after a delay of only two days, the council sent a proposed cabinet list for the approval of the House of Representatives (HOR), the internationally recognized parliament in Tobruk. (CONTINUED - 1625 WORDS)