Saudi’s Sadara Inks Deal To Supply PlasChem Resins Plant

Saudi Aramco’s Sadara JV with US petchems firm Dow has signed a 20-year deal to sell feedstock to local start-up Rufayah Chemicals, which plans to build a resins-focused petrochemical complex at Jubail on the Saudi Gulf coast.

The Rufayah plant will be built within the PlasChem Park, a 12km2 industrial area being developed alongside the Sadara petrochemicals complex. The new agreement takes to five the number of supply agreements that Sadara has signed with companies building plants within the park.

PlasChem is being promoted by Sadara and the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY) to utilize petrochemicals and chemicals produced in the Sadara complex. Aramco says that the Ministry of Energy has approved 24 differentiated projects for implementation in the PlasChem Park. (CONTINUED - 627 WORDS)


table Sadara’S Plaschem Park Supply Contracts
table Sadara Complex: Key Inputs And Outputs