Al-Zour Powers Up

Kuwait’s $1.7bn Al-Zour North 1 power and desalination plant, Kuwait’s first IWPP project, has started up.

Completion of the plant, with capacity to generate 1.54GW of electricity and desalinate 480,000m3/day of water, brings Kuwaiti capacity to 17.1GW and 2mn m3/d respectively. Testing on the three-unit CCGT plant began in June 2015 (MEES, 24 June).

Al-Zour North 1 and the planned Al-Zour North 2 (1.8GW & 460,000 m3/d ) are among a number of big projects announced by Kuwait in its portion of the Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ) where oil and gas output is operated jointly with Saudi Arabia. A recent souring of relations has seen 500,000 b/d of PNZ oil output shut in. (CONTINUED - 319 WORDS)