Libya’s Rising Output: Now For The Hard Part

Libyan output is at a two-year high. IOCs are skeptical on a further hike.

NOC chief Mustafa Sanalla says production is running at 600,000 b/d and that NOC retains its plan to raise this to 900,000 b/d by the end of the year and 1.1mn b/d in 2017.

The 600,000 b/d figure, in line with other recent estimates, puts November on track for the highest monthly figure in two years. But IOCs are skeptical that the restart of the key southwestern fields, necessary to hit NOC’s 900,000 b/d end-year target, will materialize.

The 300,000 b/d-capacity Repsol-operated Sharara fields have been undamaged by fighting and operated more-or-less consistently between late-2011 and end-2014. But they have since been shut in by protestors blocking the pipeline at Rayayina in Zintan region, site of a pumping station en route to Zawiya port. Mr Sanalla and other officials have suggested in recent months that a solution was near (MEES, 30 September). But the companies involved are not counting their chickens. (CONTINUED - 1150 WORDS)