Libyan Output Tops 500,000 b/d As Loadings Continue

Libyan crude output has edged above 500,000 b/d for the first time since April 2015 on the back of further output gains by Agoco, the largest subsidiary of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC).

Agoco output this week hit 320,000 b/d, up from 290,000 b/d last week (MEES, 30 September). The company is now providing over 60% of Libya’s crude output and almost all onshore production.

The latest Agoco increments came from the Sarir and Nafoora fields (see table).

Sarir and nearby Mesla in Libya’s Sirte Basin oil heartland are Agoco’s two largest fields. They are the only Libyan onshore fields to have produced consistently over the past two years with crude exported from the 150,000 b/d-capacity port of Hariga near the eastern city of Tobruk. (CONTINUED - 575 WORDS)


table Agoco Fields Drive Libyan Output Boost ('000 B/D)