Egypt’s Refiners Struggling To Keep Pace With Products Demand

Egypt’s refiners are lagging behind growing domestic products demand so far this year, with a number of upgrades that are under way likely to be causing some disruption of operations (MEES, 1 April).

The latest Jodi data shows Egyptian refineries intake averaging 507,000 b/d in the first eight months of 2016, which represents a falling away from the average 560,000 b/d processed in Q1 2016 and the 527,000 b/d for 2015 as a whole. Yet products demand continues to rise, averaging 855,000 b/d in the first eight months of 2016, compared with 849,000 b/d in Q1 2016 and 821,000 b/d for 2015 as a whole (see table p6). (CONTINUED - 957 WORDS)


table Egypt Official Crude & Oil Products Output & Demand (‘000 B/D)