Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) says that the militias supposedly protecting the country’s oil infrastructure, the so-called ‘Petroleum Facilities Guard’ (PFG) are the key “source of insecurity affecting [Libyan] oil supplies.”

Their effect is “20 times worse” than the Islamic State (IS)-affiliated groups, a senior NOC figure says. He backs this up with detailed NOC statistics showing that 95% of Libya’s 1.08mn b/d of “attributable” current oil field shut-ins are the fault of PFG “militias;” a mere 50,000 b/d (5%) is the fault of IS (see table 1). Of the $68.4bn NOC has cataloged in 2013-15 oil industry losses, some 78% is directly attributable to the PFG. Only 2% is attributed to IS; “local protests” account for a further 16% (see table 2 and chart ). (CONTINUED - 441 WORDS)