Earlier this month a group affiliated with Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the bombing of the Arab Gas Pipeline south of Arish, in the north of Egypt’s lawless Sinai Peninsula. The pipeline linking Egypt with Jordan (and in theory Syria and Lebanon) has been the target of militants on more than 30 occasions since 2011.

Though Egypt was contracted to supply 250mn cfd, no gas has reached Jordan since 2013 when Egypt’s growing gas deficit led it to halt supplies, though this didn’t stop the militants boasting that as a result of the latest attack “not a single cubic foot of gas will reach the insignificant state of Jordan.” The pipeline has also in recent months been used to pipe gas to Egypt from Jordan’s new LNG import terminal at Aqaba – supplementing volumes imported via Egypt’s own two floating regasification terminals at Ain Sukhna, also on the Red Sea. (CONTINUED - 666 WORDS)