US Pledges $400mn Aid To Jordan

The US will provide Jordan with $429.7mn of grants as per agreements signed on 21 September between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Jordan’s Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

“The grants will support economic development, enhance health and education services, strengthen the energy sector, and improve management of water resources,” USAID said in a statement. “These agreements highlight the strong and lasting commitment of the American people to supporting Jordan’s efforts...”

The grant agreements consist of the following: $231.4mn in the form of cash transfer to assist the state budget aimed at reducing external debt repayments; $49.9mn to boost the quality of public education; $49.9mn to improve public and private health sector capacity; $29.2mn to accelerate economic development; $24.6mn to expand sustainable management of water resources; $35.7mn to support King ‘Abd Allah’s democratic reforms; and $14mn to support positive youth development and female empowerment. (CONTINUED - 406 WORDS)