Kuwait Awards First Utility-Scale Solar Plant

Kuwait has embarked on its first utility-scale solar power project, which it aims to connect to the grid by December 2017. Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has awarded Spain’s TSK a contract to build the 50MW Al-Shegaya solar plant at a cost of $52mn.

KISR director general Naji al-Mutairi says that the institute has prepared a study into developing renewable energy in Kuwait, which envisages solar and wind plants providing 15% of the emirate’s electricity by 2030. Kuwait currently generates about 65% of its electricity in oil-fired plants and 35% by burning gas.

Kuwait’s Minister of Electricity and Water Ahmad al-Jassar told reporters last week that the ministry expects the country’s electricity demand will rise to 30GW by 2030, from the current level of around 12GW. By 2030, he added, the ministry expects to be producing 4.5GW of its electricity from renewable sources. (CONTINUED - 272 WORDS)