Egypt continues to add power generating capacity as it works to reduce peak summer blackouts. Extra LNG imports will help ease the power fuels shortage.Egypt has signed more deals for new power plants. Over 20GW of capacity is now under development. Almost 40GW more is planned, with later projects in the pipeline to widen the fuel sources to include coal, renewables and nuclear (see table).

While the 18GW of new gas-fired capacity being built will require more than 2bn cfd of fuel when operating in combined cycle mode – the three upgrades from open cycle to combined cycle operation require no additional fuel – there is growing hope that Egypt is making progress in its bid to overcome a gas supply shortage caused by underinvestment in the recent years of political turmoil, both through incentivizing firms active in the upstream to produce more (see p6) and by importing LNG. (CONTINUED - 755 WORDS)